Mission & Vision

Who we are

We are here as a support to individuals needing assistance for a variety of reasons, and we try to provide information and assistance regardless of whether or not we provide a program.  Information, a phone number, a pamphlet, a contact name, or more details, we go above and beyond to assist someone regardless of the inquiry.

We help our community through the wide variety of networks, partnerships, and community initiatives we participate on.  We give a perspective and voice to individuals who do not always have the opportunity to speak for themselves.

Our Mission Statement is simply,

We Help.

An organization’s Vision tells the community what we want to accomplish in the future.  It gives us a destination to move toward and a goal to achieve.

We want to ensure everyone has access to food and can get help when they need it.  We want to have everyone who is able to work and be employed.  And we want to live in a community where everyone feels they have the information they need and that they are linked to resources in our community in order to find it.

Very simply, our Vision is,

Everyone Fed

Everyone Working

Everyone Connected


Values guide the perspective of the organization. Organization Values need to be evident in all the agency does.  From program planning, to personal performance appraisals, to day to day interactions, agency values become the norm of our relationships and will define how we interact.

These are our Values. This is who we are and this is what we stand for.




Community Minded


We will promote and aspire to uphold these values in all that we do.


  • We will aspire to live these values in all our interactions
  • We will hold each other accountable for upholding these values
  • We will include self-assessment of these values in our performance appraisals
  • We will ensure new employees hold the same values as our organization
  • We will encourage community feedback to ensure we are upholding our values


  • We will communicate our values to all new volunteers and employees
  • We will ensure all communication reflects and communicates our values
  • We will communicate these values through our marketing and branding
  • We will promote these values when sharing success stories about our organization
  • We will share these values in presentations to our community
  • We will post and promote our Values, Mission and Vision

Planning and Learning

  • We will learn new ways to incorporate our values in our work
  • We will reflect these values in all new programs and program directions
  • We will partner with organizations that share common values


  • We will be open to internal and external feedback when we uphold our values and when we need encouragement to remember them
  • We will recognize when employees and volunteers have exemplified these values
  • We understand that our values can be interpreted and we will be open to varying points of view