You’re NOT Invited to a Summer BBQ

Don’t Get your tickets now.

We are NOT holding a barbecue fundraiser in support of the Brantford Food Bank.

We will NOT have hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, pork chops, grilled chicken, potato salad, pulled pork, shrimp skewers, smoked salmon, spare ribs, glazed pork belly, sushi, and live performances by Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift.

We are holding this NON-event so that we can give 100% of the proceeds to the Food Bank. Please enjoy a bbq with your loved ones instead, and we’ll make sure those in need can feed their loved ones too.

Please donate a 100% tax-deductible gift amount of your choice to ensure your absence at this NO-BBQ barbeque.

Don’t buy Ticket Here – Donate Here

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