Tips for the Workplace – from Employers

Want to make a positive impact in your workplace?  Here are some tips that employers suggest you follow to ensure you’re successful in your job.

  • Early is on time: Be at your workstation for 8:45 am and take a mid-morning break to spread your smiling face around the office and grab a caffeinated beverage.
  • Act like a professional: Dress appropriately, address colleagues and management with respect, use email AS EMAIL (not as an extension of your smartphone) and be mindful of who you share your “late-night” stories with.
  • Learn HOW to ask questions: Employers CLEARLY understand and support the fact that their new employees will not have all the answers. The catch is that the nature of the questions you ask and the manner in which you ask them speaks volumes about your interest, understanding and potential for success in that line of work. Bottom line: don’t be afraid to ask but don’t knock on your manager’s door every five minutes either.
  • Take initiative: Ask for more work when you complete a task – don’t sit back and wait for the next thing that comes across your desk. Taking initiative will ALWAYS be a crucial characteristic if you want to make an impression in the workplace. It demonstrates interest, work ethic and a desire to help move the organization forward.
  • Review your work… and then review it again: Before submitting any work – from an email to a re-organized filing cabinet to a briefing note – review your work AT LEAST twice.
  • Be positive: Avoid negative language, gossip and drama. Positivity is contagious, and people will remember you for the way you make them feel.
  • Ask for and integrate feedback: The more successful employees crave constructive feedback. They recognize that personal and professional growth is a life-long process, and they continually find ways to implement feedback in order to improve their work.

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