Sobeys – More Than Just a Great Grocery Store

Sobeys – Shellard Lane is a great supporter of the Brantford Food Bank, and one of the most diverse. From running food drives, to collecting food donations, and offering volunteer support, they have done it all for our organization.

A few mornings a week you’ll see our driver picking up bakery product for us to distribute to our incredibly grateful clients. When you enter their store, you’ll see a bin designated for “Food Bank” donations that generous shoppers drop donations in. From time to time you’ll also see Emergency Response teams collecting food donations outside Sobeys doors. Sobeys management organized themselves and in partnership with these teams, all to benefit those in need of emergency food assistance. And we’d never forget the amazing experiences we’ve had with Sobeys volunteers who so generously give their time to help both our agency and our clients who receive the food.

Without companies like Sobeys – Shellard Lane, local food banks and other agencies alike cannot provide support to those who need it most. We are truly lucky to have Sobeys in our community and we cannot thank them enough! They truly are making a difference for our agency, our community, and the lives of our clients.


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