Sea of Orange & Brantford Power

It has been five days since the launch of the Municipal Food Drive and we have received a huge amount of community support.

To begin with we had two independent food drives take place; ‘Sea of Orange’ partnered with Zehrs and Brantford Power along with Metro. Between the two groups they raised over 5500 lbs!

The Food Bank always appreciates when the community shows their support! If you would like to host your own food drive here are some tips:

How to get started: Determine when and how long you would like to hold your food drive. Then register your food drive by contacting out Community Food Procurement Co-ordinator, Ashley Singleton, at 5109-751-4357 ext. 238 or .

 Do you need barrels or boxes for collecting food? How do I get them? Yes, we have barrels in many sizes that are available for you to use. You can arrange to pick them up, or call us to schedule a delivery.

How do I promote the food drive? The Brantford Food Bank can provide posters and agency brochures. We can also promote your food drive using our social media outlets, and we suggest that you do the same. If you’re holding an internal food drive, consider sending out emails, including reminders on pay stubs, and hang up posters/flyers.

How do I get the food to you? We welcome you to drop-off your food donations to our Food Bank Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. Please note that we do close from 11:45am-12:45pm. If you’re unable to drop-off, please call us to arrange for your pick-up to take place as soon as possible.

Think outside the Box:

Food Fight: Encourage friendly competition between classes, departments, floors, or buildings.

 Canned Harvest: Raise food and create beauty! Collect canned fruit and vegetables and build a “garden” in your lobby, lunch room, or office.

 Themed Days: Make-up your own theme days i.e. Macaroni Mondays and Tuna Tuesdays. Themes make it easy for people to remember.

 Food Sculptures: Get creative! Build something related to your organization or business using canned food.

 Beans for Jeans: Allow employees to “dress down” in exchange for a food donation.

 Give Up, Give Out: Give up one of your favourite food items for a day and donate that item to someone in need. This makes you appreciate the little things in life, and reminds us not to take them for granted!

Share Your Lunch: Have participants bring a lunch bag filled with food or donate the funds that would be spent on a lunch out. Remember a donation of $1 helps to move 7lbs. of food throughout our community.



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