Returning to Work After Raising Kids

Returning to the Workforce with Second Career

I use to hold a supervisory position at a Bank, and then I took time away to raise my son and step children.  In 2002 I returned to the workforce, but the banking world changed so much while I was away.  I took a few positions and then became self-employed until I obtained contractual work with the government.  One contract after another until cutbacks led to a lay off.  I persevered and found employment where I had no experience.  Again I was faced with a lay off.  I was familiar with Employment Ontario and asked if there were any programs to help me retrain.  I tried to re-enter the financial sector, but with the changes, I was not successful.  I was determined to gain new skills and use my past experiences to build on.  Through meeting with Tammy at Community Employment Service, I found out I was a candidate for the Second Career program. I completed the application for the Executive Administration Diploma at Mohawk College and was accepted! I knew going back to school was going to be stressful, but I was up to the challenge. I am happy to say I graduated in April with Honors from the program. I worked extremely hard to stay on the honor roll and although there were times I was extremely frustrated and stressed, I never once gave up. Over the past 2 years, the college and my teachers saw my dedication. I am currently working on a few small projects for the college and have been recommended for some college jobs. I look forward to entering the workforce with my new skills and education and can’t wait until I get my diploma.


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