Resumes: Why Grammar is So Important

If a resume is flawed by even one grammatical or spelling error it can get you off on the wrong foot with an employer, get the resume discarded, and ultimately it may even cost the job hunter the worst loss – no job offer.

Here are some tips and resources to make sure that your resume ends up in the contact pile instead of the trash:

1. Study reliable, credible sources. Grammar Monster (, ( or Cambridge Apps ( are a good place to start.

2. Read your resume aloud or go through it backwards, both are excellent proofreading techniques. While reading aloud, you may find commas in places where your voice wants to continue without stopping, these should be removed. Should you find a period when you instinctively want to continue reading, consider whether your sentence was complete. And if you read a sentence and it makes no sense at all, start over or seek help. “Reading” a document backwards helps to identify typing errors and spelling issues.

3. If you have no interest in becoming a grammar expert or even of taking a few courses, stick to basic punctuation. Steer clear of semi-colons and colons as these are potentially tricky and confusing.

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