Resume DOs and DON’Ts

Unless you are a graphic designer and your resume is a portfolio of your abilities, DON’T include illustrations or images in your resume.

DON’T include “References available on request” – or actual references – in your resume. This is a waste of space and can make your document look dated. Employers assume you’ll provide references if they ask for them.

DON’T worry about keeping your resume to one page. Two pages is fine, three is pushing it, but as long as the information you have provided is well written, error-free, and relevant to the job at hand, employers will keep reading.

DO make good use of white space. Use bolded headers, short paragraphs and bulleted lists. You want your resume to be visually appealing to read and not a hard-to-scan dense block of text.

DON’T list your personal interests and hobbies unless you know that they are particularly relevant to the job you’re applying for – and would make you an asset to the team.

Remember, your resume is a marketing document. It isn’t actually about you. It’s about the needs of the employer for the job you want. Make it as relevant as possible to that person.


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