Resolve your Resume

Writing a resume is not an easy task and it can be uncomfortable talking about yourself, or relating all your life’s work in a one page summary. Once your resume is complete take some time to proofread very closely for for few common resume mistakes.


The general rule is to use past tense for your previous employment and present tense to describe your duties at your current job.

Use a consistent date:

Make sure to use the same conventions throughout your resume when it comes to date formats. If you use MM/DD/YYYY in one place and month DD, YYYY in another, it will look messy.

Don’t rely on Spell-check:

Spell-check can only do so much and a great way to catch these errors is to have a friend read over your resume. Having a fresh pair of  eyes read over your work might catch an error you missed.

Don’t capitalize the little guys:

Job titles can be tricky, especially when it comes to capitalization. When referring to a job title like “Vice President of Finance” then it is capitalized. If you are talking about a job descriptions like “I managed twenty-five staff writers”, then you do not need to capitalize manager.

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