No Bump in the Road is too Big for CES

My name is Sue and I was working for a company that cut my hours. I was driving by Community Employment Service and thought I would stop in to see if they could help me.  I needed a certain amount of hours to be financially stable. They assisted me in creating a resume and helped me apply to jobs. I am 64 and although I use a computer, I wasn’t sure about attachments and job related websites. I applied to a cleaning company that had the contract for a well known factory. I was interviewed and hired! I was told to give my 2 weeks notice by the cleaning company, so I did. The next day they called for my date of birth. I gave them that and then things changed. The following day I got a call informing me I was going to be “put on the back burner”. I was certain it was because they found out my age. I went back in to Community Employment Service and informed them of what happened. The staff there jumped into action and we got more resumes out. I had multiple interviews on a weekly basis.  I got a temporary job while a staff was sick, but knew that was not going to last. But the staff at Community Employment Service did not give up.  They got more resumes out for me and I went for an interview with a grocery store!  I was hired on the spot. Then another bump in the road, the company I hired for, lost their contract with the grocery store, but, I was doing such a great job that I was brought aboard by the new contracted company. One more bump in the road was getting my pay from the first contractor. The staff helped me with that also. I have never ever had so much help from anyone in my life and I continue to keep in touch with the wonderful staff there.

Sue Wingate

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