Never Say Never

Career learning targets should not be stagnant. While in your career you should be constantly learning from coworkers, conferences, networking and competitors. Recently a client, Bob*, came into our employment offices seeking assistance with re-training.  Being an older worker in his early 60’s he was experiencing difficulty in finding sustainable employment that would allow him to work until he could retire (at least 10 years).  Bob felt that re-training was his only option and expressed a sense of  feeling  lost in regards to today’s job searching requirements.  After meeting with Bob and investigating his interests and skills, we developed a plan that would utilize his vast knowledge in the field of transportation without having to re-train in a completely new field of study.  Bob was able to attend a week long training session to upgrade his skills to meet current employer needs and with the job search assistance he received in our Resource Area found the perfect employer to fit his needs of long term full time employment.


*name has been changed

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