Meet Olivia, Good Food Box Coordinator

Hi! I’m Olivia, the Good Food Box Program Coordinator.

I started in this position in March and I’m really enjoying providing people with fresh produce every month.

I take box orders from members of the community (anyone can order a Good Food Box), purchase the produce in bulk, pack and distribute the boxes, and meet really great people.

I graduated from college with a diploma in Early Childhood Education. I have two daughters (age 2 and 4). I spent 5 years working as a Supervisor at Williams Cafe. I worked at BCI in the cafeteria, and at the cafeteria at SC Johnson. On the weekends I work at Jack-o’s Sports Bar. I have a lot of experience working with food, and people.

Have you ever purchased a Good Food Box? It’s an inexpensive way to buy your fruits and veggies every month. $12 for a small box and $17 for a large one. This program is open to everyone. How can you get one? Find out here:

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