Meet Mike, Food Bank Driver

Hey, I’m Mike. I’ve been the driver here for over a year. I pick up donations daily, at grocery stores and other locations around town. (When you drop food donations into the bin at the grocery store, I’m the one who picks it up! Thank you, and keep those donations coming.) I’m also in charge of our storage warehouse on Sherwood Drive, including organizing and accepting large shipments.

Occasionally I run the Food Bank store and warehouse on Clarence Street when my coworker is away. I advise volunteers. I also help run the Mobile Market that takes produce to different housing areas in our community. The produce is free to anyone there.

I’ve lived in Brantford for 14 years. I am originally from PEI. I have a diploma in Health, Wellness and Fitness, and I’m the father of a 4 year old boy named Hayden. In my spare time I play guitar and train in martial arts at Caged Dragon.

Next time you see me around town say hello!

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