It’s Tee Time! Golf Tournament 2016

Why do we need to raise funds through our annual golf tournament?

As donations tend to lull through the spring, the Brantford Food Bank is appealing, not for just continued food donations, but monetary donations from the community that are essential to the delivery of service.

“We are not government funded and many people think we are,” executive director Heather Vanner said. “What people need to remember is that we are moving 800,000 pounds of food every year and when you think about what a for-profit business would pay for moving food, storage, warehousing and trucking – those are costs we have as well.”

“The piece around food donation is so important as that is what keeps people fed, but it’s easy to forget the scope of what we’re doing,” Vanner said. “It’s important for everyone to understand the size of the operation we have.”

The food bank provides an emergency hamper  of two- to three-days worth of food to 1,200 households in Brantford once a month. That’s 2,650 mouths they are feeding, 34 per cent of which are children.

The Brantford Food Bank also has connections with suppliers when purchasing food to stretch dollars further than a member of the public and can target any purchases directly to the food bank’s biggest needs at any given time.

To bring in those dollars, the Brantford Food Bank operates a handful of fundraisers, one of which is coming up in May.

The Drive to Survive charity golf tournament is booked for Friday, May 20, as a kickoff to the holiday weekend at Northridge Municipal Golf Course.

Registration costs $135 per golfer and includes lunch, 18 holes and dinner.

The event raised more than $21,000 for the Brantford Food Bank last year.

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(Written by Sean Allen, Brant News)


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