Hunger Awareness Week

Rent, hydro, clothing, school supplies bills, transportation and food; all items that have contribute to household expenses. Yet, food is the one of the most flexible expenses, and is often cut back on when income is tight.

There are many things that contribute to hunger in Canada. For years, diverse and related factors have allowed for this situation to continue: a labour market that does not provide liveable wages; a rise in non-stable employment; a lack of financial support services; an absence of low-income housing; and accessible and affordable child care. People facing these challenges cannot afford sufficient or nutritious food. Many individuals and families turn to food banks to help meet the most basic of needs.

To alleviate hunger within Canada there are many ways to help; volunteering at the food bank, donating food or funds or participating in events to help the food bank. Hunger Awareness Wee is a movement to raise awareness about hunger in Canada. Food banks across the country are asking all Canadians to mark Hunger Awareness Week in their calendars and make a positive impact on the issue of hunger in Canada.

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