How Much Do you Know about Hunger?

September 19 – 23 is Hunger Awareness Week across Canada.  Hunger in our country, and right here in our own neighbourhood, is not something we can ignore any more. Each day we can look around anywhere in our community and see the effects of hunger – it’s not simply an issue that reveals itself at the Food Bank.

The Brantford Food Bank supports an average of 2,650 individuals each month. Approximately 1,150 households are using the Food Bank on a regular monthly basis. This is eye opening.  Too many of our friends and neighbours are dependent on the services of the Food Bank due to many critical factors such as unstable jobs, low wages, and unaffordable housing.  1 in 3 food bank clients are children, and the fastest growing group of food bank clients are seniors and students. There is no such thing as a “typical food bank client” – they are your friends, coworkers, classmates, friends and family.

Hunger Awareness Week is an opportunity for you to learn more about hunger in our community and join a movement to impact food insecurity in Ontario. There have been great strides made toward improving the lives of some of our most vulnerable neighbours over the past few years, but there is still so much that needs to be done.

What can you do?

Volunteer at the Brantford Food Bank.

Donate food or funds to the Brantford Food Bank so that we can ensure our shelves are always stocked with the most fresh and nutritious food possible. Participate in our upcoming Municipal Food Drive! (October 1 – 31) Get a group of coworkers or friends together to collect food.

Talk to your MPP about why hunger in your community is unacceptable. Let’s work together to find the solutions.

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