Food Bank Launches Spring Appeal

The Brantford Food Bank urgently requires the financial help of our community. “We are continually grateful for the ongoing food donations and food drives that help us feed people in need” says Heather Vanner, Executive Director. “With the ongoing donations of food, we need to ensure we have funds required to operate and distribute the food we receive.”

Operating the food bank requires the ongoing support of staff and volunteers. It also means having the space, equipment and distribution methods necessary to take hundreds of thousands of pounds of non perishable and perishable food products. We have acquired over 800,000 pounds of food this past year,” says Vanner. “Without warehouse space, trucking, refrigeration and staff, we would not be able to distribute this food to people in need.”

“Our program relies on the generosity of our community to operate”, says Vanner. “The largest portion of funding for the Food Bank comes from community and individual donations. Smaller portions of our funding come from the City of Brantford, and Brant United Way. Financial donations help us keep services available to food programs, and to those people most in need.”

“Over the past year we have provided perishable and non-perishable food and grocery products, including fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, bread, milk and grocery items to community food programs, individuals, children, and families”, says Vanner. “We need to have ongoing financial support so that we can continue to provide this vital service to our community.”

The Brantford Food Bank is feeding an average of 2,650 people each month. Of the people served each month, thirty five percent (35%) are children. Along with providing direct services to people needing food, the Brantford Food Bank also provides food and grocery items to 26 other food and meal programs in Brantford. These programs including meal programs, school snack programs, after school programs, community programs, and food cupboards have received over 100,000 pounds of food and grocery items from the Brantford Food Bank this past year.

“The Brantford Food Bank provides a vital service that assists families and individuals who are experiencing food insecurity. We also play a significant role in supporting community food programs that provide further services to people and families needing support,” says Vanner. “Financial support from our community is an ongoing need.”

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