Constant Learning

Our staff are taking steps to stay informed about their field. Last month they had the opportunity to go to the 28th annual Futures Conference, a professional development conference for those working with young people seeking employment.

As Canada’s largest annual development opportunity for professionals working with young people seeking employment, the three day event included over 400 professionals from youth employment, counseling centers, colleges, the private and public sectors, as well as other community-based organizations.  With over 40+ workshops providing opportunities to team-build and network, career skills were enhanced in 8 different areas:  coaching clients, government programs, supervision & team-building, organizational development, wellness, youth, job development and technology.

Between educational and inspiring Keynote Speaker Susan Stewarts comedic performance on Tuesday night, and keynote speaker Jody Urquart on Thursday there was plenty of opportunity to laugh and learn while networking with other professionals.  Take home material was provided to bring back to the organizations, to further build on the professional development opportunities and create positive change within their own communities.


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