Communication Skills

How to demonstrate the most sought-after skill by employers

Want to demonstrate that most in-demand skill, “verbal communications” right off the bat to potential employers? It starts before you even know that the job interview has begun. When you first meet your interviewer in the lobby or the reception area, you’ll shake hands and make some pleasant small talk on the way to the room where the formal interview will take place.

Even before you sit down and start discussing your credentials, the employer is forming their crucial first impression of you. Do you seem stiff and robotic? Friendly and confident? Are you able to chat easily with someone you’ve just met? Can you tell a story? Are you funny, charming, likeable?

“How are you?” and “How was your weekend?” aren’t just filler as you walk down the hall,  they’re job interview questions.  Take the opportunity to demonstrate your verbal communication skills. Tell an anecdote about your commute, share an observation about something in the news, compliment the office or work location.

Keep it positive and upbeat. You want the employer to think that you are someone they wouldn’t mind interacting with on a daily basis and who could also represent their brand well to potential partners and customers.

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