Body Language in the Workplace

Work on your body language and see the changes you can achieve.

Head up and eyes forward. Don’t drop your head at anytime during a conversation and maintain eye contact regardless of the distractions around you. Stand straight and maintain good posture. This shows you are alert and interested. You demand a greater level of authority when your back is arched, shoulders back, and your head is up. Good posture means open your stance when standing, feet straight forward and slightly apart. When approaching another person, walk briskly showing interest, and a smile will show you are welcoming the contact. Never meet someone with your hand in a pocket. This is not a receptive action. You want to ensure you are relaying trust and comfortable with the situation. Crossed arms is the “I’m closed to ideas” stance. Don’t do it as it reflects negativity. Your speech speaks volumes about your ability. Clear, concise sentences are easy to understand and clarity is importance in workplaces. Be aware of your tone. Will the person be receptive to your requests or resent it if you sound dismissive. Confident people reflect respect for others while also able to remain firm in their requests. Perfect your delivery by ensuring you start sentences without hesitation. “So, like, mmm, um”, reflect hesitation. Think about what you want to say and start with a grammatically correct and constructed sentence. Everyone is interested if you show enthusiasm. Getting people to “buy in” is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Show a sincere interest in others ideas. People want to be heard and active listening reflects your confidence by showing ability to focus on their needs.

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