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One of the surest ways to be successful in your efforts is to make searching for a job a job in itself. Put everything you have into it. Wake up in the morning like you’re going to work and come to resource areas to do your Internet searches rather than using the computer at home… keep a schedule. When you come in you are networking with other people who are looking for similar jobs. They can offer tips on jobs they’ve come across that are in the same field but may not be exactly what they’re looking for, for instance it could be an out-of-town posting. Fine-tuning your job search is crucial to helping you stand out from the crowd. Make sure your resume is focused on the job you are applying to, don’t use a generic resume because if it doesn’t sell you for that position you may not even get called for an interview.

Fine-tuning your job search is crucial to helping you stand out from the crowd; try customizing your resume for each job you apply for. It is not uncommon for one person to produce a number of resumes.

Shraon Rodobolski, Employment Specialist, stresses that you should “utilize as many employment agencies as are available and research what is available in the local market. Do your homework and pick up information from local service agencies about what happening and coming in terms of employment opportunities.”

Rodobolski also suggests people network with friends, family and professionals in the community. “If you are looking for work in a medical office, talk to your doctor. Stop by a construction site if you are seeking a general labourer position and talk to a worker. Do some cold calling or call employers on the phone to inquire if they are looking for help, or stop by a company and talk to the receptionist or even someone who is standing outside having a smoke. These people can all tell you if positions are available within the company, or if they have heard of job opportunities at other companies within the trade.”

“Also, consider working with an employment counsellor to help make you a better candidate overall. Assistance with job coaching and career counselling can help you to better highlight your strengths and skills.”

Stay active in the community while you search for work and volunteer your time to initiatives that interest you. “This way you can say to an employer ‘I’m volunteering here to gain extra skills and to make a contribution to the community.’ That always looks great on a resume.”

CRS Employment Service offers many job search assistance programs and services, including credentials assessment for local immigrants searching for positions consistent with their credentials. Subsidies are provided for many of those services.

CRS also offers on-the-job training in storefront and warehouse environments in addition to some office training. Job placements provide people with opportunities to test the job market with subsidized training.

Additional job search services available at CRS include career counselling, resume and cover letter assistance, faxing, photocopying, job trials and placements and a full range of workshops such as using the Internet and computer.

Assistance for new Canadians include job placements and trials, job search skills, resumes, Canadian experience techniques outlining what employers are looking for, language skills, employment readiness assessment, credentials assessment and financial support for things like work boots and job appropriate clothing.

A Health and Safety workshop is offered every Wednesday at 5 p. m.

All services are free at the CRS site at 1100 Clarence St. Suite 102 (in the Brantford District Labour Centre), which opens from 8:30 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Monday through Friday. Walk-ins are welcome.

The centre also provides advocacy to families for government income programs, Employment Insurance, Employment Standards and Human Rights in addition to providing emergency food service for families needing help during tough economic times. A Good Food Box program that sees families paying $10 to $15 a month for a good supply of fresh produce from local producers is also available.

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