Ashley’s Story

From the moment I left my job interview I knew that if given the position, this job would have an impact on my life. I went to school for Sociology and imagined myself taking a different career path, but here I was interviewing for a Food Procurement position and I wanted the challenge. The formerly shy, quiet person would now be forced out of her shell into cold calling, donor meetings, and asking for donations.

The more I learned about the Food Bank, the easier my job became. After engaging with clients and hearing their stories, I have to admit, cold calling didn’t seem so scary. I’ve been in my position now for 7 years, and in those 7 years I have not only grown as a person and as a professional but I have found my greatest passion through my work.

Throughout the last 7 years I’ve learned a lot about food banking, food insecurity, food sustainability and just food in general. I love being a part of something that advocates for the accessibility of food because I believe it is a right for everyone.

Not many people are fortunate to find a job or a career that they love as much as I do. But when you are helping address food insecurity and seeing the kindness and generosity that exists around you, it’s hard not to be inspired and love what you do.

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