April Success at Community Employment Service

April has been a busy month so far, as the spring season fast approaches new job opportunities arise. It is with these new beginnings that bring promise and light, which was the case for one particular client I worked with this month. After working within the same position and company for that last 15 years the company came to an abrupt stop leaving the individual out of work and in unfamiliar territory. Not knowing where to go or which step to take first in searching for a new career, the individual came to Community Employment Service. After I met my new client we discussed her employment goals, current job search, and reviewed her resume. I soon understood my client’s employment goals and her many transferable skills and experience that we would be able to portray in a detailed well formatted resume. During this time a local company approached our agency requesting resumes that would correlate with an administration job opportunity that they currently had. After speaking with my client who was interested in the opportunity I sent off the contact information where my client then met with the employer for a formal interview. My client successfully passed the interview and was offered a position!

Employment Specialist

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