Food Waste and the Environment

Recently the United States pulled out of the Paris Accord on climate change. The welfare of the Earth impacts everyone but there are steps that can happen on a local and individual level that can make a difference.

Did you know that food waste has a huge effect on the climate? If food waste was its own country it would have the third largest carbon footprint after the United States and China. Not only does food thrown in the garbage produce methane as food rots, it is also an enormous waste of resources and labour that is used to grow, process, transport and cook food.

While the amount of food waste seems impossible to reduce it is one that is doable and one that everyone can play a role in.

Half of food waste comes from a household level and a good portion comes from a pre-household level because of our attitudes towards what food should look like. Food waste and food banks can work together to help reduce the amount of food waste, in turn helping the environment.


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