10 Steps to Assist You in Writing a Cover Letter

Cover Letters

When it comes to cover letters it’s the small things that can make a big difference. Listed below are the top 10 cover letter writing tips.

  • Review cover letter examples – research online or in the resource locations for cover letter examples. Click here to find a list of cover letter examples.
  • Try to find a contact person – when addressing your cover letter, do some research to find out about the company and the person responsible for hiring.
  • Be specific about your skills – gather experiences from past education, jobs or volunteer positions that demonstrate the needs of the organization and your abilities.
  • Send a customized cover letter to each individual job application – write a general cover letter that can be edited to include experiences that fit that organization and job position.
  • Do not just repeat your resume – Tell the employer what you bring to the organization. Be sure to tie experiences to the qualifications you have listed.
  • Have an active voice throughout the application – For example state ‘I was responsible for updating the website’ instead of ‘ the website was updated by myself’.
  • Sign the cover letter – this may seem old fashioned by it is a strong signal of your authenticity.
  • Presentation and editing – make sure that the letter is clearly laid out with no spelling errors or typos.
  • Send the cover letter and resume as a PDF – every computer system can open a PDF without conversion. Other formats, such as a Word Doc, can introduce formatting issues.
  • Keep the cover letter short – the cover letter should describe what qualifies you for the job position and why the employer should be interested in inviting you for an interview. The cover letter should be no longer than one page.

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