10 Steps to Assist You in Finding a Job in Less Time

  1. Organize your search time
    Spend 30 minutes a day on your job search. Be realistic and check off a few tasks every day. Don’t spend all day updating your resume, block off a set amount of time.
  2. Know what you want
    To guide your job search, ask yourself some key questions: What don’t you like about your current or past jobs? Why do you want to change jobs?
  3. Emphasize your skills
    Make a list of the skills and qualities that set you apart from the crowd. “What makes you exceptional?” Pinpoint your main skills.
  4. Prepare your promotional tools
    Your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter are all promotional tools for selling your product: you! This is your chance to describe the major achievements for every job you’ve had.
  5. Have a search strategy
    Narrow down your job search. In other words, target the areas where you’d like to work: would you prefer to work for a small, medium or large company? In the public or private sector?
  6. Maintain a presence online
    If you haven’t already done so, create a profile on LinkedIn. With 12 million Canadians on LinkedIn – including employers, head-hunters and human resource professionals – it’s an essential step for every job seeker.
  7. Use local resources and your own network
    People tend to forget about local employment centres – these types of organizations have resources to facilitate your job search. The same applies to your own social network. Conduct a discrete survey of the people around you, track down people who work in the target sector you’ve identified and try to contact managers who work there.
  8. Prepare for your interview
    Do your research: on the company, its key projects and the person you’re meeting with.
  9. Follow up
    Once the interview is over, they’ll generally promise to be in touch “soon.” Don’t let this sort of evasiveness stop you from reaffirming your interest and following up with your interviewer.
  10. Keep looking!
    These steps might not work the first time around. When searching for a job, you have to keep looking; don’t focus all your energy on a single job. In time, your efforts will be rewarded!

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